Building Reactive Applications With RxSwift

Episode 1


What Is Reactive Programming

Building Reactive Applications With RxSwift is a practical introduction to reactive programming. Reactive programming asks for a new mindset. You need to think differently and that may take a bit of time. Reactive programming changes how you think about code and that is what trips up many developers that are new to reactive programming.

Episode 2


ReactiveX, RxSwift, and RxCocoa

Swift isn't a reactive programming language so we need a bit of help to make it reactive. A handful of libraries and frameworks are available to build reactive applications. The most commonly used solutions are RxSwift, ReactiveCocoa, and Apple's Combine framework. RxSwift is by far the most commonly used library at the time of recording.

Episode 3


Installing RxSwift and RxCocoa

There are several options for integrating RxSwift into a project, including CocoaPods, Carthage, and the Swift Package Manager. In this series, we use CocoaPods. You can find installation instructions for Carthage and the Swift Package Manager on GitHub.

Episode 4


What Is an Observable Sequence

The fundamental building block of RxSwift is the observable sequence. Synonyms of observable sequence are observable, sequence, or data stream. In the rest of this series, we refer to observable sequences as observables.

Episode 5


Observables, Observers, and Memory Management

This episode focuses on memory management. While memory management isn't the most exciting subject, it is one of the most important subjects of this series. Most developers new to RxSwift struggle with memory management. It isn't hard, but you need to learn and understand the basics.

Episode 6


Transforming and Filtering Observables With Operators

Operators are a key component of RxSwift and the ReactiveX API. RxSwift defines dozens of operators that create, filter, or transform the values emitted by observables. In this episode, I show you why operators are an integral component of RxSwift and we take a look at a few examples.

Episode 7


Combining Observables With Operators

Operators are a key component of RxSwift and the ReactiveX API. They help make reactive programming powerful and flexible. In the previous episode, we explored operators that transform and filter the values emitted by an observable. This episode zooms in on operators that combine multiple observables into one observable. Combining observables is a common pattern and it can greatly simplify the implementation of a range of tedious tasks.