Why Do Developers Love Cocoacasts?

I think Cocoacasts is the best online iOS Dev training, better than competitors with scores of trainers on their team. Bart manages to keep the videos clear and concise, with the written version alongside. I can't recommend it highly enough.

Andy Pye
Pyrotechnic Apps Ltd.

"Cocoacasts opened my eyes to MVVM and how to write scalable and maintainable code. It's the best course in explaining MVVM, I tried multiple ones before, but once I started with this course, I knew it was the rare pearl. I am a team lead, and Cocoacasts is part of my onboarding process for new joiners. I am very grateful for the quality and the simplicity of these courses. Keep up the amazing work."


"I actually had several subscriptions prior to this, and I think they served me well as a beginner, but man, cocoacasts is really something else when it comes to introducing more advanced topics. I've been a senior iOS dev for quite some time now, and I've been having a hard time growing as a dev when nobody in the company is above me when it comes to the technical aspect. I know squat about core data, barely knew SwiftUI, and other fundamentals. Cocoacasts is a lifesaver! I was able to convert over 50% of our legacy code from an MVVM-C <-> MVC + Singleton Frankenstein UIKit code to proper MVVM-C SwiftUI code, and armed with my new Combine powers + core data + the caching vids, I was able to make asynchronous network fetches much more efficient to the point that the app went from 15+ network fetches on startup to roughly around 4! Please keep doing what you're doing. You're the only subscription I kept alive because I'm getting so much out of it. Kudos!"

Christian IƱigo De Leon Alvarez
KMC Mag Solutions, Inc.

"Even though I was already familiar with MVVM, Bart's course showed me a different perspective on MVVM by refactoring a complete application built with MVC. He illustrates how MVVM can improve a project's architecture and testability, and how reactive programming fits in."

Damian Esteban
Chief Technology Officer at betterPT

"Cocoacasts Plus is for me. The content is awesome and the commitment is great. I'm a Mobile Developer Advocate at AWS and my focus is on iOS. I use your best practices when providing samples, tutorials, or writing snippets of code for a blog."

Dennis Hills
Mobile Developer Advocate, Amazon

"This is one of the finest Swift material available on the internet. Thank you."

Rakesh Kusuma

"A big thank you. This has been the single most effective course I've taken about iOS. I put it into practice right away and our App Store app, and its testing, has benefited greatly."

Jake Young
Chief Information Officer at ACP Decisions

"This is by far the best explanation of Core Data I have read. After working on my first Core Data project for the last three days, I actually understand what you are saying here."

Gravity Zero Design

"Wow, I really love these tutorials. Great job. You are very good at explaining things from the ground up in a way that is both fast (not boring) and yet comprehensive."

Jonas Nelle