When I started developing apps for Apple's platforms more than fifteen years ago, I had to figure out a lot by myself. The SDK for the iPhone wasn't available at that time and there were very few books about Apple development. Those days were exciting but also frustrating at times.

Today, the opposite is true. There are so many resources to choose from, many of them free. It can be overwhelming to learn the ropes. Your path has become a bit of a labyrinth. Having a mentor you can work with can be a lifesaver in those situations.

Who Is This For?

The mentorship I provide isn't for everyone. You need to be goal-driven. You need to know where you want to be a month, six months, and a year from now. You have the time and the commitment to put in the work. As a mentor, I can guide you, but I can't do the work for you. And I want to make it clear that I expect you to do the work. As a mentor, I hold you accountable. You want to make progress.

Is This Free?

No. The mentorship isn't free for two reasons. First, I have bills to pay and that means I cannot offer this service for free. By charging for this mentorship, I can make this a priority. Second, because it's not free, you are (hopefully) motivated to get the most out of this mentorship. Right?


I only mentor a handful of people at a time. A slot opens up every few months, so get in touch to ask for my availability at bart at cocoacasts dot com.