Dependency Injection With View Controllers

4 Episodes

Episode 1


Dependency Injection With Storyboards

Dependency injection is a pattern that's often overlooked, ignored, or discarded by developers in favor of other patterns, such as the singleton pattern. I've talked and written about dependency injection and Swift quite a bit on Cocoacasts.

Episode 2


Dependency Injection With XIB Files

Many developers are a bit wary of storyboards and I can understand why that is. It's fine if you're not ready to embrace storyboards in your projects. Let me show you how to adopt dependency injection if you're using XIB files.

Episode 3


Dependency Injection In Code

In the early days of the iPhone, many developers shied away from Interface Builder for creating user interfaces. Even though Xcode had been around for years and years, if you wanted your application to be performant, you created your user interfaces in code. The first iPhone wasn't that powerful and you had to squeeze every ounce of performance from it by optimizing how its resources were used.

Episode 4


Dependency Injection With Tab Bar Controllers

Earlier in this series, I showed you that dependency injection with storyboards isn't complicated once you understand how the various pieces fit together. We haven't covered tab bar controllers in this series and it seems quite a few developers run into problems when working with storyboards and tab bar controllers. It's a bit more complicated, but that complexity disappears once you understand how everything fits together.