Mastering Swift Concurrency

Episode 1


Working in a Multithreaded Environment

In the early days of the Swift language, it took just a few hours to learn the fundamentals of the language. I'm sorry to say that that is no longer true. Swift has become richer and, as a result, more complex. The language has become much more capable, but those capabilities come at a price, increased complexity.

Episode 2


Understanding the Core Concepts

Before we take a look at Swift Concurrency, it is important that you become familiar with a few core concepts that relate to Swift Concurrency. While you may already be familiar with some of them, this episode should take away any doubt or confusion you have.

Episode 3


What Problem Does Swift Concurrency Solve

Before I show you how to adopt Swift Concurrency in a project, I want to take a moment to show you why native support for concurrency was added to the language. Let's take a look at an example to better understand what problem Swift Concurrency solves.