Hire Me

If you are reading this, then I assume you are familiar with Cocoacasts. Cocoacasts is a side project, though. I work full-time as a contractor for a range of companies, from startups like MasterClass to agencies like November Five.

While my main focus is Apple development, I consider myself a full-stack developer with extensive experience on the frontend and the backend. I specialize in Swift development since Apple development is where my interest lies. I have more than fifteen years of experience building and shaping products, mostly for Apple's platforms. Over the years, I have worked with a range of technologies from mobile applications to home automation.

I am available for short contracts, but I prefer long(er) collaborations as that enables me to have a bigger impact on the project and/or company. If you are in need for an experienced software engineer that can lead a team or a developer to build your proof of concept, then write me an email at bart at this domain name to get the conversation started.