Erica Sadun


Erica has been at the forefront of Cocoa development ever since the introduction of the iPhone in 2007. She has written and contributed to dozens of books and is an active contributor to the Swift open source project.

Chris Lattner


Most of us know Chris as the creator of the Swift programming language, but he is also the person behind LLVM and Clang, projects every Cocoa developer relies on. What I like most about Chris is his engagement within the Swift community. He is very approachable and he encourages anyone interested in Swift to contribute to the language.

Eloy DurĂ¡n


Eloy made fame in the Cocoa community as the creator of CocoaPods, the most popular dependency manager for Cocoa development. Eloy currently lives on a boat in the Netherlands and works at Artsy.

Michele Titolo


Michele works as an iOS engineer at Capital One and is the CTO of Women Who Code. She is a frequent speaker at conferences, such as AltConf and try! Swift. At AltConf 2015, she gave a great talk about writing code that doesn't suck, appropriately titled The Worst Code.

Marco Arment


Even though Marco began his career at Tumblr, he is mostly known for Instapaper and Overcast. Marco is the host of several popular podcasts, such as Accidental Tech Podcast and Under the Radar.

Aaron Hillegass


Aaron is a veteran in the Cocoa community. He founded Big Nerd Ranch fifteen years ago and has written severals books about Cocoa development. Many developers learned Cocoa by reading Cocoa Programming for Mac OS X, including yours truly.

Natasha Murashev


On the interwebs, Natasha is better known as Natasha The Robot. She has been writing about Swift ever since the language was introduced in 2014. She frequently writes on her blog and publishes a weekly newsletter about anything related to Swift.

Peter Steinberger


Peter is the founder and managing director of PSPDFKit, the leading framework for rendering and manipulating PDF documents on iOS and Android. He lives and works in Austria and frequently speaks at conferences, such as AltConf and #pragma mark.

Felix Krause


Felix is best known for fastlane, a suite of tools designed to make the lives of Cocoa developers less frustrating. Several months ago, fastlane joined forces with Fabric. As a result, Felix now lives in San Francisco, working at Twitter. He previously worked on other well known projects, such as Product Hunt and Wunderlist.