Building a Weather Application With Swift 3

Episode 1

Setting Up the Project

In this series, you learn how to build a weather application for iOS with Swift 3. Along the way, you learn several skills that are essential for iOS development.

Episode 2

Building the User Interface

In the first installment of this series, we created the project in Xcode, updated the project's structure, and put it under source control. This lesson focuses on building the basic user interface of the application.

Episode 3

Fetching Weather Data

We built a basic user interface in the previous tutorial and it is now time to fetch weather data that we can show to the user. As I mentioned earlier, the application we are building uses the Dark Sky API to fetch data for a particular location.

Episode 4

Decoding JSON Data in Swift: Part 1

In the previous tutorial of this series, we fetched weather data from the Dark Sky API. Before we can feed the weather data to the user interface of the application, we need to pour it into model objects. Swift's strict type safety rules make this less trivial than it sounds.

Episode 5

Decoding JSON Data in Swift: Part 2

In the previous tutorial, we implemented two solutions to parse the JSON data we receive from the Dark Sky API using Swift 3. The solutions we implemented work, but they are far from perfect.