What The Swift

3 Episodes

Episode 1


What Is AnyObject in Swift

If you've spent some time writing Swift, then you've probably come across a variable, constant, or parameter of type `AnyObject`. And you know what `AnyObject` is. Right? Don't worry. You're not alone. Let's take a look and dive into the bowels of the Swift standard library to find out.

Episode 2


What Is Any in Swift

Earlier this week, we discovered that AnyObject is a protocol defined in the Swift standard library. In today's installment of "What The Swift", I want to show you what Any is. To discover the meaning of Any, we need to revisit the Swift standard library.

Episode 3


What Is Void in Swift

In the previous episodes of this series, we explored AnyObject and Any. Another keyword you encounter frequently in Swift is Void. What is Void? That is the focus of this installment of What The Swift.