Building Reactive Applications With Combine

Episode 1



Welcome to Building Reactive Applications With Combine. As the name suggests, this series zooms in on Apple's Combine framework. We cover the the ins and outs of the framework and you learn everything you need to know to make your projects reactive with the Combine framework.

Episode 2 Plus

What Is Reactive Programming


Combine is sometimes referred to as a functional reactive programming framework, but that isn’t correct. It is more accurate to describe Combine as a reactive programming framework that uses functional programming techniques.

Episode 3 Plus

First-Class Functions and Function Types


Swift isn't a functional programming language, but it does have a number of functional features. The Combine framework relies on these functional features so it is important that you understand the basics of functional programming. That is the focus of this and the next episode.

Episode 4 Plus

Pure Functions and Higher-Order Functions


In the previous episode, you learned about function types and what it means for Swift to have first-class functions. With these concepts in mind, we continue exploring the functional features of the Swift programming language. In this episode, we explore pure functions and higher-order functions. We start with pure functions.