SwiftUI Fundamentals

5 Episodes

Episode 1


What Is SwiftUI

SwiftUI is Apple's brand new framework for building user interfaces for iOS, tvOS, macOS, and watchOS. Apple introduced SwiftUI in 2019 and the framework has been evolving at a rapid pace ever since. Unlike UIKit and AppKit, SwiftUI is a cross-platform framework. With SwiftUI, Apple offers developers a solution for rapidly building applications. In this series, you learn everything you need to build applications using SwiftUI.

Episode 2


Exploring a SwiftUI Application

While it is possible to integrate SwiftUI into a UIKit or AppKit application, this series focuses on building applications that are built entirely using SwiftUI.

Episode 3


What Is a View

A view is the fundamental building block of your application's user interface. You already know that a view is a type that conforms to the View protocol. In this episode, we take a closer look at views and the View protocol.

Episode 4


Working with Xcode Previews

SwiftUI's declarative syntax makes it straightforward to describe the user interface you have in mind. The API is intuitive and the framework's learning curve is gentle. But Apple didn't stop there. SwiftUI is deeply integrated into Xcode, making it almost trivial to build user interfaces using SwiftUI.

Episode 5


Customizing Views with Modifiers

To customize a view in a UIKit or AppKit application, you update one or more of the view's properties. For example, to change the text color of a UILabel instance, you update the label's textColor property. That is an imperative approach to user interface development.