Building The Perfect Core Data Stack

5 Episodes

Episode 1

Bring Your Own

In this series, we explore several techniques and best practices for building a robust, modern Core Data stack. Modern? Yes. Core Data has undergone several important changes in the past few years. In this series, we discuss what a modern Core Data stack looks like.

Episode 2

Two Is Better Than One

Have you ever considered using more than one managed object context in a Core Data application? In this installment of Building the Perfect Core Data Stack, we explore the options you have and the benefits of a Core Data stack with multiple managed object contexts.

Episode 3

Keeping It Private

Previously, we updated the Core Data stack by adding a private managed object context. Remember that the private managed object context performs two tasks. It pushes its changes to the persistent store coordinator. It acts as the parent of the main managed object context.

Episode 4

Passing It Around

The Core Data stack we have built in this series is slowly taking shape. With every iteration, we add a dash of complexity in return for a few key advantages.

Episode 5

Give It Time

The Core Data stack we have built in this series has grown quite a bit in complexity. But if you have a good grasp of the framework, it isn't rocket science. In this lesson, we add the last piece of the puzzle. You can follow along by downloading the repository from GitHub.