Tips and Tricks

Episode 1

Removing String Literals


I'm not a fan of random string literals in a project and I always try to find solutions to avoid them. In today's episode, I show you an elegant solution to rid a project of string literals.

Episode 2 Plus

Managing Build Configurations in Xcode


A brand new Xcode project defines two build configurations, Debug and Release. Most projects define one or more additional build configurations for various reasons. This isn't new and it's a good practice to use build configurations to tailor a build to the specific needs of the environment it's going to be deployed to.

Episode 3

Using a Branching Strategy That Works


I hope we can agree that source control is a necessity for every software project. The most popular option for Cocoa and Swift development is Git. I've been using it for many years and I continue to appreciate its power and simplicity every day. It's easy to pick up thanks to its gentle learning curve. If you're not comfortable using Git from the command line, then take your pick from the many native clients for iOS and macOS.