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Four Clever Uses of Swift Extensions

Four Clever Uses of Swift Extensions

If you’re reading this, then I assume you’re familiar with Swift extensions. A Swift extension allows you to add functionality to a type, that is, a class, a structure, an enumeration, or a protocol. But extensions are more powerful than that. In this tutorial, I’d like to show you four clever uses of Swift extensions.

Clean Code With Categories and Extensions

A technique I use in almost every project leverages the power of categories (Objective-C) and extensions (Swift). This technique is very easy to implement and it rids your project of magic numbers and code duplication. Let me give you an example.

From Hex to UIColor and Back in Swift

There are multiple notations for defining colors. The hex notation is probably my favorite because it is easy to store as a string or pass it around as a numerical value. In Mastering Core Data With Swift 3, I use it to store a color in a SQLite database.

Seven Podcasts for Swift Developers

I love podcasts. It is a fantastic medium that continues to grow in popularity. I am subscribed to a bunch of podcasts, ranging from business podcasts to podcasts about development and technology. Today, I list seven of my favorite podcasts for Cocoa developers.

What Is the Weakest Link of Your Application

Earlier this year, Parse announced it will retire its services in January of 2017. The announcement took many people by surprise, including me. When Facebook acquired Parse in 2013, many thought the future of the company looked bright. How wrong we were to think the acquisition was a guarantee for a long life.