Are Singletons Bad

When I first started dabbling with Cocoa development, I almost immediately came into contact with the singleton pattern. Many Cocoa frameworks, including UIKit and Foundation, use the singleton pattern.

References, Delegation, and Notifications

A typical Swift application is composed of dozens and dozens of objects, working together to make your application tick. To get the job done, these objects need the ability to talk to each other. In this tutorial, we take a look at three common patterns that enable objects to communicate with one another. We also discuss when to use which pattern and, more importantly, when to avoid a particular pattern.

Embracing Optionals In Swift

Type safety is a fundamental concept of the Swift programming language and optionals neatly tie into Swift's strict type safety rules. The concept underlying optionals is simple, an optional has a value or it does not.

Five Signs Of Code Smell In Swift

Pixelsync was the first iOS application I published on the App Store. For a first project, it was quite complex and far more challenging than I had anticipated. The project grew quickly as I added more features and maintainability quickly became an issue I could not ignore.

About Bart Jacobs

About bart jacobs

My name is Bart Jacobs and I run a mobile development company, Code Foundry. I've been programming for more than fifteen years, focusing on Cocoa development soon after the introduction of the iPhone in 2007.

Stop Writing Swift That Sucks

In my free book, you learn the four patterns I use in every Swift project I work on. You learn how easy it is to integrate these patterns in any Swift project.