From Zero to App Store

Episode 1



From Zero to App Store is a series that journals the development of Cocoacasts for iOS and tvOS. With this series, I aim to offer a look inside the workflows and processes I use to build and ship software. This series aims to touch every aspect of mobile software development, including source control, continuous integration, release management, and App Store deployment. It goes well beyond writing code.

Episode 2

Defining a Minimum Viable Product


From Zero to App Store won't focus on running a business on Apple's platforms, but it touches on a few ideas and concepts that relate to business. This episode focuses on defining the first version of the product. In the startup community, this is often referred to as defining the minimum viable product or MVP for short.

Episode 3 Plus

Setting Up the Project


Even though Xcode makes it simple to set up a project, there's more to it than choosing a template and clicking a few buttons. The workflow I use to set up a new project is straightforward and easy to follow. In this episode, I show you what it looks like.