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MVVM Is More Than a Pattern

MVVM Is More Than a Pattern

Last week, I had an interesting conversation with a reader, let’s call him John, about the Model-View-ViewModel pattern. The questions John asked me show that developers new to MVVM often miss or overlook the more profound benefits the pattern brings to the table. In this post, I’d like to share with you the most important insights of our conversation.

Why I Love Model-View-ViewModel

The first programming language I picked up was PHP and, since it was my first experience programming, I immediately loved it. At that time, I had no idea what object-oriented programming was. The result was a lot of spaghetti code that did something.

What Are the Benefits of Model-View-ViewModel

Most Cocoa applications are powered by the Model-View-Controller pattern, MVC for short. MVC is easy to understand and has very little overhead. But those that have used the Model-View-Controller pattern for some time know that it isn’t perfect. Not even close. The Model-View-ViewModel pattern offers an interesting alternative.